Lorie Slater


“I love art that makes me feel… it can make me feel happy, sad, reflective, upset”

What and who has inspired your art work?
So many things have inspired my work, but I would say mostly I’m inspired by the great city of Toronto… I love nothing more than taking a walk with my camera and my Vice President of Operations, ‘Indy the Wonder Dog’, I do photograph outside of Toronto, but T.O. has my heart.

What’s integral to the work of an artist?
I think that a certain amount of alone time is integral to any artists process… I am definitely an introvert, so after a day of a lot of human contact, I really need to withdraw… process and rejuvenate…


Lorie Slater – 6 x 6 art at Queen West Art Crawl’s “Hip 2 B Square” fundraiser, March 2014.

What role does the artist have in society?
An artists role in society is truly vast… it can be to provide some respite to the everyday grind, to raise and bring forth social change, or to evoke an array of emotions that may lie dormant…

Why art?
Growing up my brother was the creative one… he is a very talented artist and I was always envious at the ease of his skill… I guess when I was young I thought ‘well, he is the creative one… so i guess I need to do something else’ I worked in the music industry most of my life until a few years ago when for the second time I was layed off… I thought, ’this is it… my chance to do what I would love to do instead of “getting another J-O-B.”’ So I finished and rented out my basement apartment, I board dogs for people when they are on vacation and I create art from my photography. It’s a great life!

Lorie Slater will be at the very front of Trinity Bellwoods Park, booth J09, at the Queen West Art Crawl on September 12-13. In the meantime, make sure to follow Lorie Slater on Twitter and on her website.

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